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Why This Path

The $64 billion diet industry is counting on you to feel dissatisfied with your body! But diets don’t work! 95% of people who diet regain the weight in 1 to 5 years.

Women deserve lives of purpose free from constant distraction over their weight. 


My Mission

My mission is to help women who struggle with weight and exercise naturally lose weight or inches if that’s your desire, without dieting, so you boost health and love their bodies from the inside out.


This is for you if...

Vibrantly Living You is for you if you are tired of worrying about your weight, sick of yo-yo dieting or just want to gain some energy. I believe it is possible to enjoy life, eat food without guilt, exercise with joy and love our bodies!

Program Offerings

Body Positive Beautiful Program


My program series will help you:

  • reset how you eat and exercise
  • fit better in your clothes
  • gain energy
  • manage cravings and emotional eating
  • love and appreciate your body

Schedule your free 30-minute Body Beautiful Breakthrough Session with Yvonne.

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Movement Classes with Yvonne


Transform body and mind with the Nia Technique

My classes will help you:

  • move with joy
  • relieve stress; lift your mood
  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • build flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability

Follow us at Yvonne Lovin Nia or locate a class near you at  Nia Technique.

Heart and Soul...

"Yvonne puts her heart and soul into dancing and everything she touches. She makes us move and explore a different world."

— Micheline R.

Gracious Teacher...

 “Yvonne is a gracious teacher and provider of knowledge.”

  Tarra M.

An Exuberant Experience...

"Taking a Nia class with Yvonne is an exuberant experience to music that is uplifting. Yvonne teaches with a deep commitment to Nia and gives us the gift of feeling alive, joyous, and transformed. My body delights in how she inspires us to move in ways that fill me with a deep sense of gratitude.  I return home as if I am floating on a cloud. Yvonne and Nia…a magical combination for the soul."

—  Meg  L.

Book Your free Body beautiful Breakthrough session

Book Your Free Body Beautiful Breakthrough Session with Yvonne


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Book Your Free Body Beautiful Breakthrough Session with Yvonne