Who IS Yvonne?

What's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself?

As the founder of Vibrantly Living You, I inspire people to live vibrant, healthy lives by eating delicious, nutritious food and engaging in joyful movement and self care. As a Black Belt Nia Technique Dance Fitness Teacher, SuryaSoul® Conscious Dance Instructor and lifelong healthy eating advocate I am committed to helping you lose weight naturally, without dieting. I created Vibrantly Living You after retiring from my first career in the oil and gas sector where I contributed in various roles in communication, IT  to knowledge management. During that time, as a part-time hobby, I led group exercise classes in corporate wellness centers, gyms and dance studios in the U.S., Scotland, Wales, India and Germany. 

With an emphasis on nutrition, Vibrantly Living You guides people to 

  • transform patterns blocking vitality into life-affirming habits that support well-being 
  • manage emotional eating, stress and cravings 
  • craft a personalized sustainable lifestyle plan to live vibrantly

I believe it is possible to sensibly eat delicious food without guilt, to exercise with joy and to love our bodies!

Certified Black Belt Nia Dance Fitness Instructor 

SuryaSoul® Certified Teacher 

Join me and begin your journey into Body Positivity!